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Election Reform News and Headlines:

Miami-Dade's elections chief wants to boot touch-screen system

Discrepancies found in votes, signatures
A study on the November general election shows thousands of discrepancies between the number of votes cast and signatures collected by poll workers at the end of the day.  (Read)

Discrepancies found in 35 percent of Miami-Dade precincts

n the latest South Florida election mishap, workers in 35 percent of Miami-Dade County’s 749 polling places last November filed counts of voter signatures that differed from the number of ballots cast on the touch-screen voting machines, a new analysis has found.
was published in the  (Read)

Dade studies switch to paper ballots
Miami-Dade County officials are studying whether to replace an expensive, controversial touch-screen voting system after a series of mishaps. (Read)

Sweeping election changes are on track
Lawmakers have been moving swiftly on a number of proposals to incorporate power over Florida election laws in the hands of state government. (Read)

Published April 7, 2005, St. Petersburg Times:

Election law rewrite misses long line woes

Some members of the House committee say not enough time was given for debate on all topics. (Read)

We are sure by now you have already read the front page news from the Miami Herald today regarding what is being called a power grab by the Governor and Secretary of State over elections. (Read)

Rolling Down the Highway, Looking Out for Flawed Elections
was published August 9, 2004

Florida officials:
Some voting records wiped
was published July 28, 2004  Read

Fear of Fraud - By PAUL KRUGMAN
was published July 27, 2004  Read

Software problem imperils voting recounts

Voter advocates are crying foul, and elections officials and an equipment supplier have issued reassurances about a software problem that could foil recounts of votes in close elections. was published in the Miami Herald June 12, 2004  Read

APFla. Voting Machines Have Recount Flaw
was published by the AP Sat Jun 12, 7:09 PM ET Read

Elections - Unwieldy solution
Miami-Dade officials say fixing software glitch in new voting system will be costly, time consuming
was posted on  June 11, 2004. Read

Elections - Another vote audit flaw
In review of iVotronic’s performance in Homestead, 162 ballots failed to appear, problem slow to surface was posted on May 26, 2004. Read

Read Never mind paper backup ballots, real problem is the machine published April 19, 2004 in the  DAILY BUSINESS REVIEW.; Vol. 78; No. 217; Pg. 7

Posted in The Miami Herald on Mon, Apr. 5

Read ELECTION 2004 State Voting worries persist
Posted in The Miami Herald on Sun, Mar. 21, 2004

Miami-Dade's purchase of voting machines called a 'bad business deal'
was published in the more...

An election paper trail? was published in the Miami Herald September 16, 2003. more...

Search for Miami-Dade elections chief bogs down (by Jean-Paul Renaud) was published in the Sun Sentinel. more...

Supervisor of Elections Leahy Contract until after 2004 / Letter from the County Manager to the Commissioners stating Leahy will stay until new Supervisor of Elections is found.

Cuestionan a la Supervisora de elecciones (in Spanish)

El Nuevo Herald more...

Dade's voting software fails tests (by Peter Wallsten and Lesley Clarke) was published in the Miami Herald May 14, 2003. more...

Dade officials defend deal on voting machines (by Karl Ross) was published in the Miami Herald May 12, 2003. more...

Voting Machine Leaves Paper Trail (by Joanna Glasner)  was published in Wired News May 9, 2003. more...

Inspector General Report on Voting Systems was published in the Miami Herald May 8, 2003. more...

Voting machines in 2002 primary criticized / Miami-Dade misled by firm, report (see above Inspector General Report) says (by Karl Ross) was published in the Miami Herald May 8, 2003. more...

Election chief needs more power (by Jim Defede) was published in the Miami Herald May 8, 2003. more...

Jim Crow revived in Cyberspace (By Martin Luther King III and Greg Palast) was published in The Baltimore Sun May 8, 2003. more...

The Secretive World of Voting Machines
was published by Lynn Landes on

Legislation faces computer glitch was published in the April 24, 2003. more...

State musts conform to federal election reform was published in the Miami Herald April 23, 2003. more...

Banned campaign gifts may resume was published in the Orlando Sentinel April 23, 2003. more...

Miami-Dade Activists Urge Legislators to Amend Proposed Voting Bill to Ensure Compliance with New Federal Elections Law was published in April 10, 2003. more...

Advocates for disabled say law may delay voting access was published in the April 12, 2003. more...

New Voting Systems Assailed was published in The Washington Post March 28, 2003. more...

Payment for vote machines disgusts commissioner
 was published in The Miami Herald Feb. 26. more...

Receipts Reflect Fears Over Electronic Votes
was published in the NY Times Feb. 26. more...

Cuestionan maquinas electorales (Vote machines questioned)
 was published in El Nuevo Herald Feb. 24. Article in  Spanish  English

Miami-Dade posts job listing for new Supervisor of Elections
 Job Listing is open to the public. full details

County Manager Shiver says Elections still faulty
 was published in The Miami Herald Jan. 23. more...

Office of County Manager Steve Shiver publishes its Post-Election Report. Download it here.

Elections chief search to begin-Leahy has held post since 1981
 was published in The Miami Herald Dec. 4. more...

was published in The Miami Herald Nov. 29. more...

"Coalition says Miami-Dade police shouldn't run elections"
was published in the Sun-Sentinel Nov. 26. more...

"Election coalition calls for Miami-Dade citizen oversight panel"
 was published in the Sun-Sentinel Nov. 25. more...

"Civilians should run, oversee Dade elections, group says"
was published in The Miami Herald after the press conference Nov.24.


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